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it's a kat's life
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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
1:41 am
i tried to view the lunar eclipse...Collapse )

Current Mood: quixotic
Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
9:06 pm
hva betyr egentlig discontent? misfornøyd? utilpass? o.0
(som vanlig for lat til å hente ordbok ^-^)
Sunday, February 29th, 2004
7:10 pm
Saturday, February 21st, 2004
2:27 pm
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hate being busy...:-( on my way on holiday now,back in a week or so,hope i'll be able to catch up on you all then... :)

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
4:24 pm
*taken from danisdead
Your Superhero Persona by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameEmo Kid
Super PowerAbility To Fly
EnemyTrailer Trash Tom
Mode Of TransportationMechanical Bull
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Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
4:46 pm
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i absolutely LOVE the mp3-player! It's so fantastic to go outside in the dark while listening to the edward scissorhand theme :)

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Monday, January 26th, 2004
11:10 am
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HAPPY 21th BIRTHDAY danisdead!! =)

You're exactly one year older than me :)

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Saturday, January 24th, 2004
10:43 am
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i hate being new and not knowing anything..but at least i'm here now:-) i was even half an hour early,i'll take the next train next time

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
6:19 am
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it's 7:15 and my ears are cold :-( and i'm afraid i'll get addicted to this kind of updating.. :)

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Monday, January 19th, 2004
3:48 pm
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i can't believe it!they didn't have 4 of the 5 books i needed! i bought 6 books i didn't need,though.. :-) but they were cheap!

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2:39 pm
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i'm on my way to uni now; i have to buy some books today..it's TOO cold outside!!even though it's warmer than it was in the weekend.. =/

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Sunday, September 28th, 2003
3:25 pm
3:09 pm

happy birthday sonoran_rose!! =)

Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
2:24 pm
fun =)
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Your Life: The Movie by mintyduck
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6:32 am
it's 6:32 AM, and i don't WANT to go out!!!! damn. it's waaay too cold.. and it's still summer, i'll just wait till the winter begins...

Current Mood: cold
Sunday, August 24th, 2003
5:30 pm
j e g h a t e r e x p h i l ! ! ! !
Hva er det nå egentlig som må være til stede for at en handling kan bli utført, ifølge Sokrates? For at det noen gjør skal kunne sies å være en handling, så må det som gjøres springe ut av aktørens overveielseshorisont, og dermed knyttes til det som utgjør aktørenes overordnede målramme. Med overveielse forstås det her det å tenke seg frem til en konkret handling som i den faktiske situasjonen en befinner seg i, slik en forstår den, fremmer et mål en forsøker å realisere. Ens overveielseshorisont omfatter da ens overveielser samt ens mer generelle tenkning om hvordan en handler og organiserer ens praktiske liv i forhold til de målene en vil realisere. Målrammen er settet av alle ens mål som preger ens praktiske orientering, og som utgjør basisen for ens forståelse av en selv."

hvis noen lurte, heter han som har skrevet dette panos dimas, og han var også foreleser i faget i forrige uke..

zanzhera, har du exphil? det er dørgende kjedelig!!!

Current Mood: blah
2:25 pm
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Where Will You Have Sex? by natterz_
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Current Mood: shocked
Thursday, August 21st, 2003
10:52 pm
Everything is nothing.
These lectures make me crazy.

Current Mood: confused
Monday, August 18th, 2003
11:16 pm
well, ok, i think i have to change my mood icons... it's not like i don't like them, cause the little ferret (or whatever) is really cute, but it's not that good in expressing...expressions.
like, when i'm feeling weird, it's not supposed to seem like i'm happy.
and when i'm envious , i'm not worried.
and i kinda like the hyper icon, but it's the same as the icon for accomplished, which is sooo very different.
that's it little ferret. you're going home soon.

Current Mood: determined
Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
11:26 pm
i got a job today!
i got a job today!!! i'm such a happy happy girl :)
i don't get paid, though. doesn't matter. so, if any of you are going to chateau neuf soon, i'll be in the bar =)=)=)

Current Mood: hyper
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